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Tabernero, HM and Tanga, P and Tecsa, M and Temple, J and Terenzi, L and Tessenyi, M and Testi, L and Thompson, S and Thrastarson, H and Tingley, BW and Trifoglio, M and Martin Torres, J and Tozzi, A and Turrini, D and Varley, R and Vakili, F and de Val-Borro, M and Valdivieso, ML and Venot, O and Villaver, E and Vinatier, S and Viti, S and Waldmann, I and Waltham, D and Ward-Thompson, D and Waters, R and Watkins, C and Watson, D and Wawer, P and Wawrzaszk, A and White, G and Widemann, T and Winek, W and Wisniowski, T and Yelle, R and Yung, Y and Yurchenko, SN (2015) The EChO science case. EXPERIMENTAL ASTRONOMY, 40 (2-3). 329 - 391. ISSN 0922-6435

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Uncontrolled Keywords: exoplanets; spectroscopy; atmospheric science; IR astronomy; space missions
Subjects: ?? Atmospheric science ??
?? Exoplanets ??
?? IR astronomy ??
Q Science > QB Astronomy
?? Space missions ??
?? Spectroscopy ??
Divisions: Faculty of Natural Sciences > School of Physical and Geographical Sciences
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