Temple, LY, Hellier, C ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3439-1439, Anderson, DR, Barkaoui, K, Bouchy, F, Brown, DJA, Burdanov, A, Cameron, AC, Delrez, L, Ducrot, E, Evans, D, Gillon, M, Jehin, E, Lendl, M, Maxted, PFL ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3794-1317, McCormac, J, Murray, C, Nielsen, LD, Pepe, F, Pollacco, D, Queloz, D, Ségransan, D, Smalley, B, Thompson, S, Triaud, AHMJ, Turner, OD, Udry, S, West, RG and Zouhair, B (2019) WASP-180Ab: Doppler tomography of an hot Jupiter orbiting the primary star in a visual binary. arXiv.org. (Unpublished)

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We report the discovery and parametrisation of WASP-180Ab, a hot Jupiter confirmed by the detection of its Doppler shadow and by measuring its mass using radial velocities. We find the 0.8 $\pm$ 0.1 MJup, 1.29 RJup planet to be in a misaligned, retrograde orbit around an F7 star with T eff = 6500K and a moderate rotation speed of vsini = 21 km s - 1. The host star is the primary of a V = 10.7 binary, where a secondary separated by 5'' contributes 30% of the light. WASP-180Ab therefore adds to a small sample of transiting hot Jupiters known in binary systems. A 4.6-day modulation seen in the WASP data is likely to be the rotational modulation of the companion star, WASP-180B.

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Date Deposited: 06 Jun 2019 13:48
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