Holt, I, Fuller, H, Lam, LT, Sewry, CA, Shirran, SL, Zhang, Q, Shanahan, CM and Morris, GE Nesprin-1-alpha2 associates with kinesin at myotube outer nuclear membranes, but is restricted to neuromuscular junction nuclei in adult muscle. Nature Publishing Group. (In Press)


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Nesprins, nuclear envelope spectrin-repeat proteins encoded by the SYNE1 and SYNE2 genes, are involved in localization of nuclei. The short isoform, nesprin-1-alpha2, is required for relocation of the microtubule organizer function from centromeres to the nuclear rim during myogenesis. Using specific antibodies, we now show that both nesprin-1-alpha2 and nesprin-1-giant co-localize with kinesin at the junctions of concatenated nuclei and at the outer poles of nuclear chains in human skeletal myotubes. In adult muscle, nesprin-1-alpha2 was found, together with kinesin, only on nuclei associated with neuromuscular junctions, whereas all adult cardiomyocyte nuclei expressed nesprin-1-alpha2. In a proteomics study, kinesin heavy and light chains were the only significant proteins in myotube extracts pulled down by nesprin-1-alpha2, but not by a mutant lacking the highly-conserved STAR domain (18 amino-acids, including the LEWD motif). The results support a function for nesprin-1- alpha2 in the specific localization of skeletal muscle nuclei mediated by kinesins and suggest that its primary role is at the outer nuclear membrane.

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