Zhu, W, Novati, SC, Gould, A, Udalski, A, Han, C, Shvartzvald, Y, Ranc, C, Jorgensen, UG, Poleski, R, Bozza, V, Beichman, C, Bryden, G, Carey, S, Gaudi, BS, Henderson, CB, Pogge, RW, Porritt, I, Wibking, B, Yee, JC, Pawlak, M, Szymanski, MK, Skowron, J, Mroz, P, Kozlowski, S, Wyrzykowski, L, Pietrukowicz, P, Pietrzynski, G, Soszynski, I, Ulaczyk, K, Choi, J-Y, Park, H, Jung, YK, Shin, I-G, Albrow, MD, Park, B-G, Kim, S-L, Lee, C-U, Cha, S-M, Kim, D-J, Lee, Y, Friedmann, M, Kaspi, S, Maoz, D, Hundertmark, M, Street, RA, Tsapras, Y, Bramich, DM, Cassan, A, Dominik, M, Bachelet, E, Dong, S, Jaimes, RF, Horne, K, Mao, S, Menzies, J, Schmidt, R, Snodgrass, C, Steele, IA, Wambsganss, J, Skottfelt, J, Andersen, MI, Burgdorf, MJ, Ciceri, S, D'Ago, G, Evans, DF, Gu, S-H, Hinse, TC, Kerins, E, Korhonen, H, Kuffmeier, M, Mancini, L, Peixinho, N, Popovas, A, Rabus, M, Rahvar, S, Tronsgaard, R, Scarpetta, G, Southworth, J, Surdej, J, von Essen, C, Wang, Y-B, Wertz, O, TEAM, S, OGLE, GRP, KMTNET, GRP, WISE, GRP, TEAM, R and MINDSTEP, GRP (2016) Mass Measurements Of Isolated Objects From Space-Based Microlensing. Astrophysical Journal, 825 (1). ISSN 0004-637X

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We report on the mass and distance measurements of two single-lens events from the 2015 Spitzer microlensing campaign. With both finite-source effect and microlens parallax measurements, we find that the lens of OGLE-2015-BLG-1268 is very likely a brown dwarf (BD). Assuming that the source star lies behind the same amount of dust as the Bulge red clump, we find the lens is a 45 ± 7 ${M}_{{\rm{J}}}$ BD at 5.9 ± 1.0 kpc. The lens of of the second event, OGLE-2015-BLG-0763, is a 0.50 ± 0.04 ${M}_{\odot }$ star at 6.9 ± 1.0 kpc. We show that the probability to definitively measure the mass of isolated microlenses is dramatically increased once simultaneous ground- and space-based observations are conducted.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: brown dwarfs, gravitational lensing, micro, stars, fundamental parameters
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