Hagar, G M M A (1981) Britain, her Middle East mandates and the emergence of Saudi-Arabia, 1926-1932: a study in the process of British policy-making and in the conduct and development of Britain's relations with Ibn Saud. Doctoral thesis, Keele University.

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The aim of this study is to analyse Britain's relations with Ibn Saud between 1926 when he conquered the Hejaz and 1932, when reconciliation between the Saudis and the Hashemites was achieved. From analysis of the policy making process it is hoped to establish the causes of Britain's involvement in Arabian. affairs and the part which Britain played in the creation of Saudi Arabia.
My thesis is, divided into six chapters. Chapter I covers early attempts made by Britain and Ibn Saud towards the establishment of a close relationship, and examines the reasons which retarded these endeavours until 1925. Three main stages can be noted in Anglo-Saudi relations during the period under review:
1- January 1926 to May 1927. During this stage Ibn Saud was busily engaged in establishing his authority in the Hejaz seeking for this purpose support from Britain, from other Great Powers and throughout the Muslim World. Chapter 2 investigates the attitudes of the British Government and of the British Muslims, particularly the Indians, towards the Saudi conquest of the Hejaz. Chapter 3 analyses the making of the treaty of Jeddah (1927) throwing new light on British interests in Arabia and the means of protecting them. It also explores the British decision-making process.
2- June 1927 to-, December 1930. With Anglo-Saudi relations now established on an equal footing, fresh troubles, in November 1927, arose on the border areas with the Mandates and immediately threatened all the agreements reached. Chapter 4 analyses the ensuing crisis and the unresolved dilemma posed by the Ikhwan and the frontier posts question. Chapter 5 examines the hitherto unexplored area of contacts and deliberations-which led to Anglo-Saudi collaboration in suppressing the Ikhwan rebellion.
3- January 1930 to-December 1932. The opportunity was now more favourable for Britain to promote reconciliation between the Saudis and the Hashemites. Chapter 6 is entirely devoted to this successful achievement.

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