Bacon, Anthony William (1971) The sociology of leisure in a new community: a systematic analysis of concepts and an empirical examination of life-styles in Corby, Northamptonshire. Doctoral thesis, Keele University.

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In this work some of the major reasons for the growth of interest in the sociology of leisure in modern industrial society are reviewed. It is suggested that a study of leisure in a newly planned, prosperous and cosmopolitan town such as Corby, might make an interesting contribution to the development of the sociology of leisure in Britain.
The major theoretical and methodological weaknesses associated with the study of leisure are examined and some of the traditional and unitary conceptions of leisure which have been used in previous studies are reviewed and rejected. In their place an alternative
conception of a leisure life style is adopted to encompass the total non-working sphere. Each life style is seen as deriving its peculiar properties from the interaction of its component elements with each other and with the sphere of work. A model of a number of types of leisure/work relationships is constructed. This consists of a variety of interlocking propositions about the relationship of the component elements of each dimension of a leisure life style to each other and to the sphere of work. One of these types, polarity/extrinsic is chosen as a basis for the fieldwork in Corby.
The results of a study of leisure and work in Corby are then analysed. It is shown that a common leisure life style is shared by adults in manual and non-manual groups and also at different stages in their life cycle. This leisure life style is sharply separated from and also fragmented by work. It is home centred, family directed and extremely privatised. Work is viewed in purely instrumental terms as a means to operationalise a series of aims and goals which are focussed on expanding living standards and achieving a series of leisure oriented
A number of factors which have contributed to this growing uniformity of leisure life styles are then examined and some recommendations for future research are also suggested. In conclusion a number of speculations are made about the possible effect of this type of leisure life style and leisure/work relationship upon the future development of industrial society.

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