Crompton, TE (1979) The value systems of secondary school teachers, teacher trainers and students in training. Doctoral thesis, Keele University.

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The thesis examines the beliefs about education and society of the following groups of people:-
1. Teacher trainers in College and University Departments of Education.
2. Students in one College of Education training for posts in secondary schools (3 and 4 year courses).
3. Teachers in
(i) Secondary Modern Schools
(ii) Comprehensive Schools
(iii) Maintained Grammar Schools
(iv) Direct Grant Grammar Schools
(v) Independent Schools.
Beliefs were assessed by:-
(a) (i) The Oliver "Survey of Opinions" Scales
(ii) The Highfield-Pinsent Corporal Punishment Scale
(iii) The writer's scales dealing with attitudes to streaming by ability and 11+ selection
(iv) The Wilson-Patter son Conservatism scales.
(b) A series of unstructured interviews.
The data is analysed conventionally (e.g. by correlations, factor analysis, critical ratio tests of mean differences etc.) and also "conceptually" - an attempt to analyse the underlying ideological assumptions of the respondents' declared beliefs about "ability".
The study deals in controversial material - the link between political beliefs and educational beliefs; the differences in beliefs held by teachers in different kinds of institutions? the differences between the beliefs of teachers and teacher trainers.and the beliefs of students.
Certain tentative conclusions about the nature of teachers' beliefs about notions of "ability" are made and the implications of such beliefs for the aims of comprehensive education.

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