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Balakrishnan, N (2014) Novel Approaches To The Fabrication Of Nanoscale Devices. Doctoral thesis, University of Nottingham.

Balakrishnan, N, Kudrynskyi, ZR, Fay, MW, Mudd, GW, Svatek, SA, Makarovsky, O, Kovalyuk, ZD, Eaves, L, Beton, PH and Patanè, A (2014) Room Temperature Electroluminescence from Mechanically Formed van der Waals III-VI Homojunctions and Heterojunctions. Advanced Optical Materials, 2 (11). 1064 - 1069.

Balakrishnan, N ORCID:, Mudd, G, Svatek, S, Ren, T, Patene, A, Makarovsky, O, Eaves, L, Beton, P, Kovalyuk, Z, Lashkarev, GV, Kudrynskyi, Z and Dmitriev, AI (2014) Tuning the Bandgap of Exfoliated InSe Nanosheets by Quantum Confinement. In: 32nd International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors.

Balakrishnan, N, Pettinari, G, Makarovsky, O, Hopkinson, M and Patanè, A (2014) Tunable spectral response by hydrogen irradiation of Ga(AsN) superlattice diodes. Applied Physics Letters, 104 (24). 242110 - 242110.

Bell, CPM, Rees, JM, Naylor, T, Mayne, NJ, Jeffries, RD, Mamajek, EE and Rowe, J (2014) Pre-main-sequence isochrones - III: The Cluster Collaboration isochrone server. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 445 (4). 3496 - 3511.


Dessovic, P, Mohn, P, Jackson, RA, Winkler, G, Schreitl, M, Kazakov, G and Schumm, T (2014) 229Thorium-doped calcium fluoride for nuclear laser spectroscopy. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 26 (10). 105402 -105402.


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Pringle, J ORCID: (2014) [Impact evidence] Secret History - Return of the Black Death. [Video]


Schnepp, Z, Hollamby, MJ, Tanaka, M, Matsushita, Y, Xu, Y and Sakka, Y (2014) A family of oxide-carbide-carbon and oxide-nitride-carbon nanocomposites. Chemical Communications, 50 (40). 5364 - 5366.

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