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Anderson, David Robert (2013) The discovery and characterisation of the extrasolar planets of WASP-South. Doctoral thesis, Keele University.


Blecic, J, Harrington, J, Madhusudhan, N, Stevenson, KB, Hardy, RA, Cubillos, PE, Hardin, M, Campo, CJ, Bowman, WC, Nymeyer, S, Loredo, TJ, Anderson, DR and Maxted, PFL (2013) Thermal Emission Of Wasp-14b Revealed With Three Spitzer Eclipses. Astrophysical Journal, 779 (1).


Catney, P ORCID:, MacGregor, S, Dobson, ANH, Hall, SM, Royston, S, Robinson, ZP ORCID:, Ormerod, M ORCID: and Ross, S (2013) Big Society, little justice? Community energy and the politics of localism? Local Environment, 19 (14).

Catney, PJJ ORCID:, Dobson, A, Hall, S, Hards, S, MacGregor, S, Ormerod, M ORCID:, Robinson, ZP ORCID: and Ross, S (2013) Community knowledge networks: An action-orientated approach to energy research. Local Environment, 18 (4).

Cresswell, Mark (2013) The stereoselective Pictet-Spengler reaction and studies towards the total synthesis of ajmaline. Doctoral thesis, Keele University.


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Gruender, Y, Fabian, MD, Booth, SG, Plana, D, Fermin, DJ, Hill, PI and Dryfe, RAW (2013) Solids at the liquid-liquid interface: Electrocatalysis with pre-formed nanoparticles. Electrochimica Acta, 110. 809 -815.


Morbec, JM and Rahman, G (2013) Role of vacancies in the magnetic and electronic properties of SiC nanoribbons: A nab initio study. Physical Review B, 87 (11).


Norris, Elizabeth L. (2013) Steam reforming of methane over alumina supported nickel catalysts: Influence of calcination temperature, gold doping and sulfur addition. Doctoral thesis, Keele University.


Patrick, Adam (2013) A Suzaku survey of iron lines in type 1 Active Galactic Nuclei. Doctoral thesis, Keele University.

Pettinari, G, Balakrishnan, N, Makarovsky, O, Campion, RP, Polimeni, A, Capizzi, M and Patanè, A (2013) A micrometer-size movable light emitting area in a resonant tunneling light emitting diode. Applied Physics Letters, 103 (24). 241105 - 241105.

Plana, D and Dryfe, RAW (2013) Galvanic and bipolar cells as probes of electroless deposition: The Cu-dimethylamine borane system. Electrochemistry Communications, 37. 8 -10.

Plana, D, Flórez-Montaño, J, Celorrio, V, Pastor, E and Fermín, DJ (2013) Tuning CO2 electroreduction efficiency at Pd shells on Au nanocores. Chemical Communications, 49 (93). 10962 - 10964.


Rahman, G, García-Suárez, VM and Abreu Da Silva Morbec, JM (2013) Intrinsic magnetism in nanosheets of SnO2: A first-principles study. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 328. 104 -108.

Risaliti, G, Harrison, FA, Madsen, KK, Walton, DJ, Boggs, SE, Christensen, FE, Craig, WW, Grefenstette, BW, Hailey, CJ, Nardini, E, Stern, D and Zhang, WW (2013) A rapidly spinning supermassive black hole at the centre of NGC 1365. Nature, 494 (7438). 449 - 451.

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