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Adamek, M, Matras, M, Dawson, A, Piackova, V, Gela, D, Kocour, M, Adamek, J, Kaminski, R, Rakus, K, Bergmann, SM, Stachnik, M, Reichert, M and Steinhagen, D (2019) Type I interferon responses of common carp strains with different levels of resistance to koi herpesvirus disease during infection with CyHV-3 or SVCV. Fish and Shellfish Immunology, 87. pp. 809-819.

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Bernardini, F, Kriezis, A, Galizi, R ORCID:, Nolan, T and Crisanti, A (2019) Publisher Correction: Introgression of a synthetic sex ratio distortion system from Anopheles gambiae into Anopheles arabiensis. Scientific Reports, 9 (1). 7915 - ?.

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Kirk, WDJ ORCID: (2019) ICS Material: Changing the pattern of IPM. -. (Unpublished)

Kirk, WDJ ORCID: (2019) ICS Material: Pheromone lure and sticky traps for Frankiniella occidentalis. -. (Unpublished)

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Tripet, F ORCID: (2019) [5.6] A village in Burkina Faso. [Video]


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