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Spasov, M ORCID: (2023) Johann and Eric for bass clarinet and electronics (2021) (6 min). [Composition]

Spasov, M ORCID: (2023) Sabda Vidya No.1 for violin and cello (2022) (10 min). [Composition] (Unpublished)

Spasov, M ORCID: (2022) Sabda Vidya No.1 for violin and violoncello. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Spasov, M ORCID: (2022) Ten Sefirot for piano and electronics (2021) (25 minutes). [Composition] (Unpublished)

Spasov, M ORCID: (2020) IDIOSYNCRASIES for contrabass clarinet and live electronics. [Composition]


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